iManage Leadership
Announces Buyout from HP

Work product management solutions leader for legal, accounting and financial services firms and corporations to become management-owned company.

The iManage leadership team has completed a buyout from Hewlett-Packard (HP) of the complete iManage business, including its brand, products and services. iManage co-founder and current General Manager Neil Araujo is the CEO of the management-owned company, now one of the largest independent software companies focused on work product management solutions for professional services firms and the corporate departments they serve. The newly independent iManage will focus on helping legal, accounting and financial services firms serve their clients more effectively by streamlining the creation, sharing, governance and security of their work product.

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What is being announced today?

The iManage leadership team - including original co-founders Neil Araujo and Rafiq Mohammadi - has completed a buyout of the iManage business from HP, enabling the newly independent company to pursue its core mission with the complete focus it deserves. iManage was founded in 1995 to help professionals manage documents and communications more reliably, productively and securely. Since then, we have been able to expand our solutions, service a wider set of professionals beyond the legal community and move into international markets.

Today's iManage is one of the largest independent software companies focused on professional work product management. We are honored that nearly 3,000 organizations worldwide - including more than 1,800 legal and accounting firms, 400 corporate legal departments, 250 financial services firms and 120 government agencies - rely on our solution as a mission-critical application for the creation, sharing, governance and security of their work product. Neil Araujo continues to lead the company as CEO, and all current managers and employees of the iManage business have already been integrated into the company.

Why did the management team want to do this?

HP supported this transaction because we - and they - are convinced this will allow iManage to better serve our customers. This transaction enables iManage to focus on our core customers, align our team with the company mission and unlock the full value of our corporate assets.

For the iManage leadership, this transaction is about much more than a product: it's about a community that spans people, partners and hundreds of thousands of users, many of whom have used this solution for more than a decade. iManage also represents a set of values based on a history of listening and working with customers, developing innovative products and providing best-in-class services and support.

What does this mean for the existing community of iManage customers and partners?

We will continue to have the same relationships with customers, and all current partners will continue forward with us. If there are any changes to account teams, these changes will be made in the next 30 days. Please be assured that our customers and partners will see no disruption in business operations or service levels.

The difference that customers will experience is an iManage that is more focused than ever on their needs. Customers have been clear on what they want iManage to do, and the company now has the focus, flexibility and resources to make that happen. Based on research conducted over the past two years, we are preparing some of the biggest innovations in the WorkSite product family in over a decade.

Because our profits will be reinvested solely in iManage, we will be investing significantly in product development, and our team will have complete control over product development priorities.

When will the agreement be final?

The transaction has closed. The iManage employees who joined us from HP are already integrated, and we are currently operating as an independent company with a separate employee base, facilities, contracts and infrastructure. We are already scheduling both webinar and private meetings with customers and partners to discuss each organization's specific situation.

What products are included in the transaction?

All software product assets and product development activities for HP Worksite, HP Worksite Records Manager, HP Universal Search and HP LinkSite have become part of the company. Specifically, our product portfolio is now iManage Work (formerly HP WorkSite), iManage Govern (HP Worksite Records Manager), iManage Insight (HP Universal Search) and iManage Share (HP LinkSite) as the core of our product offerings. What's more, this should be the last product name change our customers should have to endure.

We have flexible, cooperative relationships with HP, which means we have the ability to resell relevant HP/Autonomy products, including Teleform and HP Process Automation, as well as have continuing access to enabling technology, such as HP IDOL. We are also retaining hosting and infrastructure support from HP.

What are the vision and product plans for the new company?

The iManage mission remains largely the same as it has for two decades: provide professionals both inside corporations and at professional services firms the platform they need to deliver great client work-with the responsiveness, productivity and security they and their clients demand. In addition, we are accelerating what we have always done well: listening to customers and the market, innovating based on this input, and then delivering impactful, reliable products. New products introduced over the past year already showcase some of these innovations in secure cloud collaboration, mobility and search. Over the coming months we will make exciting announcements about the team, company and product direction. We look forward to sharing more about our vision, the road ahead and how we plan to help customers deliver on their promises to their clients.

Is the iManage business sufficiently funded to continue to drive innovation and market leadership?

iManage is not a start-up company. The business is a global leader in its market, is profitable, and boasts excellent cash flow and solid funding through a financial partnership with Bank of Montreal. iManage continues to add one new customer approximately every two business days. Based on this financial strength, we plan to increase headcount across both R&D and customer support by over 30 percent, while maintaining profitability, and expect to swiftly make other improvements as needed.

Where will the company be based?

The company is headquartered in Chicago and continues to have a strong presence in Silicon Valley, the UK, and India, where we maintain a development center.

Industry Reactions

This is very exciting news. At Seyfarth we constantly look for better ways to serve our clients, iManage is key to our business and helps our attorneys manage client work product. We believe an independent iManage will have the ability to have industry focus, scale and agility to drive the innovation we need to deliver legal services more efficiently, more effectively and more transparently.

Andy Jurczyk

CIO, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

After partnering with iManage 16 years ago, I am glad to see them getting back to their core values and vision that enabled them to advance our industry. It takes a special leadership team to leverage the scale and experience they have gathered over the years to renew the innovation and spirit of iManage.

Jeff Schwarz

COO, Polsinelli PC

As stewards of information for our clients we need systems that enable us to maintain the highest level of confidentiality and rigor in how our client work-product is created, tracked and managed. iManage has served this very important need for us for over a decade and we are excited that the founding iManage team is taking the company back to its roots as an independent software company focused exclusively on our needs as an industry.

Colin Smith

Director of IT, Pinsent Masons LLP

Worksite is by far and away the best software purchase I have made in my 16 years at Macfarlanes, and I'm looking forward to the return of the original team who I know will be breathing fresh life into the product.

Maurice Millen

Head of IT, Macfarlanes

Welcome back boys, it's like you've never been away.

Nigel Blackwood

CIO, Wragge Lawrence Graham

This is good news. The iManage team has a strong product set and a strong vision for what professionals want in terms of work product management. iManage as an organization is now of a size that is nimble enough to listen to the sector, but large enough to deliver and support new products.

Andrew Powell

IT Director, Nabarro LLP